Erfahrungsberichte aus verschiedenen Foren, last update 15.7.2014

by Dino Sliva, SY LUA Sanxenxo, 14.7.2014

....  Really good trip - reaching all the time from starboard - not too strong, but sometimes 2nd reef and genoa 30% furled.
Only the last night motoring for 1st time since begining.
Butterfly (Mr.Silva´s nickname for the Silentwind Generator is "butterfly") working so well and smooth - charged 217,8 Ah in 3 days!
Pic. - Marina de Sanxenxo.

by James and Claire Short at S/Y Ocean Rainbow"06-05-2014 23:38"

"....we recognised the need for more power to recharge our batteries during our Atlantic crossing last year and fitted a Silentwind, as soon as we could. Now some five months later, we are as impressed with its performance as we were when it was fitted. When the wind blows at anything more than 8 knots, we simply have all the power we need. It is quiet and even when accelerating in a gust, one gets quite quickly used to the sensation! In fact, our wind generator has now been granted full crew status and is known as Wizzz."

by Mike OReilly  "06-08-2013, 16:17"

"I've written on this already, but my early results with my new Spreco SilentWind are quite positive. I am quite noise-sensitive, and I was looking for a big improvement over our previous generator, an old Air-X.

I found the SilentWind's noise levels to be quite tolerable at all wind speeds. It is not silent, but I was easily able to carry on conversations in the cockpit right below the generator while it was whirring away at ~15-20knots. It produced no ugly vibrations, and was almost inaudible ~3 boat lengths away. I asked a number of fellow boaters who shared our anchorage, and none had anything negative to say about the noise (some were surprised to hear we had a wind generator).

Power-wise, it seemed to be more or less on-spec. We would start seeing ~1-2 amp at around 10-12 knots, and ~3-4 amps around 15 knots. After that it really took off. In 20 knots we were getting over 8-10 sustained amps, and I'm sure I saw 17 amps at 25 knots.

We had a few windy days where we kept turning up the freezer just to use all the power. Of course, on no-wind days we were power-starved. I'm installing solar now to compliment our system, but I'm pleased with the Silentwind so far.”

Comin´ soon ...Travelling the Caribbean you see quite many of those new silentwind generators with their blue blades, even if they came out only a coupe of months ago. It seems to be quite hard to get one, because any delivery is sold out immediately. Especially on the French Islands. The distributor in Le Marin Martinque Diginav has a long waiting list.

I was on some boats where the silentwind was running. Everybody was completely happy. Did not hear any complain. But most interesting (for me) were reports from those 2 boats, where 1 Air (with the blue blades) was spinning and – in addition – 1 silentwind. Both owners told me: The Air with blue blades is good, but the silentwind is a new generation. Power in all winds, even in winds where their Air will fail (X in low winds, Breeze in strong winds).

Interesting: No regulator in the unit mounted on the pole, so maintenance free. The regulator is inside the boat with some very smart features.
According to this site the silentwind is the only wind generator that starts charging at 6 knots. Even if the output is low at that wind speed: The other ones have zero.

On the other end it produces 420 Watts at 27 knots. Air X needs 31 knots for 400 Watts.

Wade Alarie...I ordered the Spreco SilentWind from Island Water World at St Martin over a month ago. Online, it is cheaper at $ 1606.50. I just had it "delivered" at no cost to their store. When we stopped in St Martin a week ago, I picked it up. It is now installed and works very well. The winds have been light, but it has produced current. The device has excellent fit/finish and I hope that it is similarly constructed inside. Yes, its the new kid on the block -- but these guys have already built a reputation with their blades. The generator, by the way, earns the name SILENT WIND.
Wade Alarie

Air-X noiseless blades

... more energy from the Air X wind generator. No more complaints from neigbours and crew, enjoy. These blades can be purchased direct from: Mario :D :D SV Maltese Falcon

Air-X noiseless blades
by bobm » Tue Sep 08, 2009 1:10 pm

I just got around to installing my new blades as well. I am very happy! I agree with Jim; I was used to using the old blades to wake me up when the wind piped up in the middle of the night. No more.Air-X noiseless blades
by bobm » Tue Sep 08, 2009 1:10 pm

Air-X noiseless blades
by joshua » Tue May 05, 2009 2:29 pm

I have now changed my blades and I'm very pleased with the performance regarding the noise. A boat beside mine has a Rutland wich makes more noise than my Air-x.
I have not noticed any diference in output in light winds but I suspect that the output in higher winds is lower than before, so far the max reading is 15 amps in about 20-25 knots of wind. The condition were gusty so I'm not really shure if there is a loss in eficiency.


Air-X vs Air Breeze

by Rich Schultz » Sun Feb 14, 2010 4:58 pm

Seems to me if the output of the Breeze is 200w and the X is 400w it is kind of silly to say they have the same output. I have an Air-X and out of the box they are definitely screamers. I have not heard an Air Breeze so I can't comment on their noise level. About a year ago I switched out the Air-X blades with those that were designed in Germany and built in Portugal. They are marketed by Silentwindgenerator the difference is phenomenal. Most of the time I can barely hear them turning. Others found them so quiet that they were able to hear that the bearings needed work

The downside is you'd spend an additional $280 US for the blades. Since I already had the windgenerator, new blades were a lot cheaper than a new windgenerator. Believe me, if I hadn't gotten the blades, I would have replaced the windgen. They are that noisy.

Rich Schultz
S/V Drifter

Air-X noiseless blades
by nukahiva » Wed Mar 25, 2009 4:50 pm

We installed the Air-x noiseless blades and were surprised how quiet they are. The max wind has been 15mph but the difference is remarkable compared to the OEM blades. I will be interested to hear what they sound like in 20-25mph winds but expect them to be much quieter than the originals. I hated my Air-x the first time I turned it on and heard the noise. After 3 years I think I may start to love it. We could only hear it if we actually tried to listen.

If the Air-X manufacturer supplied these as standard they would have a winner.

I have to thank SSCA members who wrote about this product, I had never heard of it.
Vern & Michelle Noren
s/v Enchantmen mehr ...

AirX vs Air Breeze

by nukahiva Sept. 05, 2010 4:42pm

I too bought the Silentwindgenerator blades for my Air-x and agree the decrease in noise was unbelievable. They now make a wind generator that looks similar to the Air-x. If is as good a product as the blades they will give them a good run for the money. If I ever need a new generator I would try one of theirs. I recieved my new blades 3 business days after I ordered them, very impressive service.

Vern & Michelle Noren
s/v Enchantment
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SY Use Akschen, Bremerhaven, 4.10.2009

Endlich, seit 15 Jahren warten wir darauf, jetzt gibt es Flüsterflügel für Windgeneratoren von Shoutwest Windpower USA. Unser Test (am 4.10.09 Herbststurm mit Böen 11 Bft.) auf unserem Segelschiff hat bestätigt was versprochen wird.
Vom Air Breeze © (Abb.rechts) ausgestattet mit den blauen Flüsterflügeln hören wir nur noch das Lagersurren, hervorgerufen durch die magnetische Kopplung des Ankers mit dem Stator. Das typische "Pfeifen" ist verstummt.

Sun Feb 08, 2009 9:19 pm comin´ soon
By far more silent is the Air X with Air+ blades.
Inside of the boat you don`t hear the blades at all. You only hear the generator itself, means the bearings.
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Feb 02, 2009 3:40 pm marioborg SV Maltese Falcon
Since installing these new blades the Air-X has been running 24/7 non stop. Well worth the money.
It is such a joy to know that this machine is running and not hearing it at all except for some nise from the bearings.
therefore now we are getting 30% more energy from the Air X wind generator.
No more complaints from neighbours and crew, enjoy.
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Meinungen aus dem Yacht-Forum

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13.09.2008 - 15:21 Sy Sparrow
Moin moin, meine neuen Flügel sind da!
Kann das was Info geschrieben hat eigentlich nur bestätigen. Die Neuen sind wesentlich steifer als die Alten und breiter. Sind metallic blau lackiert und nicht durchgefärbt. Hoffentlich hält der Lack. Geräuschentwiklung ist sehr gering, so das man glaube ich sagen kann das der AirX nun einer der leisesten Windgeneratoren auf dem Markt ist!
Bin jedenfalls begeistert
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04.09.2008, 11:49 Nelson
Das Einzige was man vom AirX noch hört, ist das Surren des Lagers.
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Meinungen aus dem TO-Forum

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01.03.2008 - 03:06 info
Die sieht man, aber die hört man nicht. Man hört den Air laufen, die Turbine, aber kaum die Flügel, selbst wenn man davor oder daneben steht. Unter Deck hört man gar nichts, obwohl man auf dem Kat mit seiner Leichtbauweise jeden Regentropfen hört, normale Air`s  etc. natürlich sowieso. Es ist beachtlich, was hier geschaffen wurde. In die Wirklichkeit kommt man zurück, wenn zu dem Air X mit den neuen Flügeln der 2. Air X mit den normalen Flügeln zugeschaltet wird. Dann pfeift und brummt es wie eh und je und jeder ist froh, wenn dieser Air schnell wieder abgeschaltet ist. Dann ist sofort wieder Ruhe auf dem Schiff und man hört nur noch von anderen Schiffen die Airs pfeifen.
Trotzdem zeigten die Amperemeter für beide Airs X, den mit neuen und den alten Flügeln, dieselben Werte.
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16.11.09   Wir haben im Februar 2008 den Prototyp getestet. Das Ergebnis ist beeindruckend gut. Bis 20 Knoten, mehr Wind hatten wir bei unseren Tests nicht, ist selbst das leise Summen des Air X lauter als der fast unhörbare Flügel. Während man am Ankerplatz andere Windgeneratoren selbst auf entfernt liegenden Schiffen deutlich hört, ist der Air X mit den neuen Flügeln auch auf dem eigenen Schiff kaum zu hören.

Besonders deutlich wird das, wenn man auf demselben Schiff einen serienmäßigen Air (X oder Breeze) gegen einen identischen Air (X oder Breeze) mit den neuen Flügeln laufen lässt:

Laufen beide, hört man sehr deutlich das typische und bekannte Air X Geräusch.

Schaltet man den Air X mit den neuen Flügeln ab, ändert sich am Geräuschpegel nichts.

Schaltet man dagegen den serienmäßigen Air X ab und lässt den anderen Air X mit den neuen Flügeln bei unverminderter Drehzahl und Leistung weiterlaufen, ist plötzlich Ruhe im Schiff, selbst wenn man nur 2 Meter von den Turbinen entfernt ist. Bei einer Entfernung von mehr als 10 Meter oder unter Deck hört man praktisch nichts mehr.

Der Unterschied der beiden Flügel ist wirklich beachtlich. In der Leistung liegen beide Flügel ähnlich. Der neue Flügel läuft etwas schneller an und bringt bei 10 bis 15 Knoten etwas mehr Leistung. Genauere Messungen waren mit Bordinstrumenten nicht möglich. Da man den leisen Air X nachts nicht mehr abschalten muss, erhöht man seine Leistung pro 24 Stunden gegenüber einem normalen Air X allein dadurch um mindestens 30%.

Bei näherer Betrachtung der Flügel sieht man sehr viele Unterschiede zum normalen Air X. Das Flügelmaterial besteht nicht wie bei Southwest Windpower aus Kohlefaser- Granulat, das sehr biegsam und bruchanfällig in einer Spritzform gebacken wird, sondern aus steifem und stabilem Kohlefasergewebe. Das ist ganz einfach ein wesentlich hochwertigeres Produkt als der normale Air X Flügel.

Die neuen Flügel passen nicht nur auf den Air X, sondern auch auf den Air Breeze. Man muss nur die Rotorplatte des Air Breeze abnehmen und dafür die Rotorplatte des Air X aufschrauben. Beide Rotorplatten passen auf beide Air Modelle

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