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Silentwind Germany offers complete solutions to provide you with renewable energy for mobile or stationary operation.
Easy mounting of our Silentwind generator on deck or on the aft of your yacht is possible by our mast-mounting kit. We can also supply you with high-tech solar panels with the extraordinary efficiency rate of 21%. These panals can also be connected to the hybrid charge controller and mounted to a holder that can be adjusted in 2 axes.

Thirty years of practical experience with wind generators on sailing voyages  - 10.000 nautical miles in the North Atlantic - have contributed to the development of the Silentwind generator.

The result is an almost noiseless and very efficient windgenerator.

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Special features of the Silentwind generator:

  • almost noiseless operation both in low and high windspeeds
  • high nominal power
  • low weight of 6.8 kg
  • almost maintenance free as sensitive electronic chrging elements are extern
  • carbon fibre blades are resistant against UV rays
  • hybrid chatge controller with LED and LCD display shows you the balance of in- and output of amp hours. Additionally 180 Watt solarpanels can be connected. Integrated stop switch
  • suitable up to windspeeds of 122km/h / 35m/s
  • good value
Every Silentwind generator is delivered with handlaminated carbon fibre blades and hybrid charge controller. Our ultra-light rotor blades have been tested in a professional windchannel and are resistant against fatigue fractures caused by UV rays.

Further special features:

  • two versions available 12 / 24 volt
  • suitable in all climatic conditions
  • stable adjustment to winddirections even in extreme sea conditions due to the postion of the windvane
  • seaworthy, state of the art bearings